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AKS Referral Program is ‘Live”

Ever wanted your colleagues and friends to also use AKS and benefit from the knowledge sharing the site offers? How about earning points while doing that?

We are pleased to announce that the Referral Program on AKS is now available. When you refer your friends, you earn extra points during this promotional period. For the first 10 friends you refer successfully, you will receive 100 points each.

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Terms & Conditions

  • Fill in the referral form within this period to qualify.
  • 100 points will be awarded for each successful referral during the promotional period. You can refer as many friends as you like, but only the first 10 successful referrals will be counted for points.
  • A successful referral happens when your friend with the same email you supplied registers as a member of AKS during the promotional period and the email address is verified within 14 days your friend receiving the verification email.
  • Your points will be credited after your friends’ first login.
  • After promotional period - Referral points will be 30 per successful referral after the promotional period. You can refer as many friends as you like but only the first 5 successful referrals will be counted for points.
  •  This promotion is not applicable to ABB staff.
  • ABB reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

Refer a friend now >

Bose Speaker Competition

Congratulations to these winners of the Bose Bluetooth speaker:


  • Marlon Manica
  • Vinyaba
  • kmk691

Your prize is on the way. 


What's new for 2014?
Keep participating to accumulate points. In the part of 2014, we will launch the "Points Redemption Program"

From ABB training courses to ABB branded giveaways, you will continue to get rewarded for participating in AKS. More details to come. 

Ways to earn points:

  • Sign up
  • Fill up your profile
  • Login everyday
  • Ask a question
  • Answer a question
  • Vote for answers
  • Subscribe to tags
  • Upload /download an app
  • Rate / review an app


Example of an App

Apps Now Available on Control Systems Application & Knowledge Store (AKS)

March 19, 2013 - In the eagerly anticipated second phase of AKS, the apps function is now available starting with 12 apps courtesy of ABB. More will be released in the coming weeks.

Apps are defined as single UFBs, UFB libraries, graphic libraries, macros, typical configuration descriptions/videos, technical white papers or any information that can help users to use ABB control systems.

All registered users are free to contribute to the store with their apps. Like many of the app repositories in the market, this app function encourages users to rate, share and provide reviews. Points are awarded to users who perform these tasks. In the next phase to be announced at a later date, users will be able to sell and buy apps.




Featured Video - How to Earn More Points in AKS


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Earn points when you refer a friend
AKS Referral Program is "Live" - Learn more