Upgrade ES100/ 800xA to SV6.0

Good Evening , Could you support to us in the following question?

We have s system 800xA version 4.1 Rollup 11b we are going to upgrade to SV6.0 or higher , the current ES 100 is on version : Aplication Builder 2.6/0 1999 , FucntionChartBuilder 4.6/0 1999, OnlineBuilder 2.6/0 1999,

Windows NT 4.00.1381 . The controllers installed are : AC450 1.1/2 Master Software QC02 *7 0/3 , AC410 1.3/5 Master Software QC01 * 9.0/0 , AC410 1.4/1 QC01 *10/0 .

We are verifying the hardware of the controllers to see which modules we should install to upgrade AC450 from 1.1/2 to 2.3 , AC410 from 1.3/5 and 1.4/1 to 1.5 because those controllers were installed many years ago ( around 20 years ) and there are many corrections on them according to SR006 , SR007.

We are thinking to install Control Builder A 1.4/1 into one of the connect node taking advantage of the SV6.0 or higher new features.

Is there any additional if we do that I mean we are going to use the Sentinel and the mapping from ES 100 to ES into connect node ?

Thanks for your support

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asked 5 months ago



In principle - what you want to do should work. And I agree that what you are aiming to do is a good idea. The steps you outline are basically correct.

If your system supports 800xA SV4.1 it should support 800xA SV6.0.3 -unless you're running an Accuray QCS in which case you cannot upgrade past SV5.1

Control Builder A can run on the connectivity server, and really, it doesnt matter what version you're upgrading from because you can just re-create all of the software by downloading and backtranslating .BA and .AA files.

But for a detailed response somebody is going to have to audit your system, verify your hardware and software revisions and prepare a full sales proposal.

Thats not something you can get from a few lines on the internet. You really should contact your local ABB sales office or a suitably qualified channel partner with experience in Advant Master upgrades.

Rob Lyon   

answered 5 months ago


By RAMA2 on 8/25/2017 | Like (0) | Report

Hi Rob, nowadays I am investigating about the details , also we are going to use Sentinel Template to fill it out and to send to ABB local sales to finish the procedure, of course Thanks for your support , Regards Ricardo

By RAMA2 on 8/25/2017 | Like (0) | Report

I am working in channel partner

Best Regards


By RAMA2 on 8/25/2017 | Like (0) | Report

Also I worked in ABB during 26 years in different kind of upgrades ,

Best Regards


By Stefan Stromqvist on 8/25/2017 | Like (0) | Report

@Rob: very well spoken. Thank you.

By Rob Lyon on 8/25/2017 | Like (0) | Report

@Ricardo. Good. At least one of us is getting paid to do this :)

The AC450 range is usually pretty backwards compatible. Basically, go through the current product guides and identify ANY hardware that is no longer listed. This is stuff that may have had software support removed. Release notes help but dont cover everything.
If its in everyday use - like PLC links, it probably gets supported. If its for deleted features like MB200, MP100 controllers etc from the late 80s / early 90s then you can basically forget it. Masterfieldbus and related IO might or might not work. Best to upgrade.

Build in enough margin, because youre going to hit problems that nobody can warn you about untill you actually hit them.

A list of software visions and product IDs is frankly useless. Im not going to read through them - thats your job. But if you have specific questions about particular items that someone else on this forum may have seen, you're much more likely to get an answer.

By RAMA2 on 8/28/2017 | Like (0) | Report

Hi ,thanks for your response , I have been reading about the SR006 , SR007 and also I have gathered some information about the hardware installed nowadays in the site , they have installed PM510V16 , DSBC173A , SC520 we have not already gotten the PR because we would have to pull the card out , according to it we would have to replace the Procesor Module to PM511 , DSBC173A to DSBC174 they do not have redundant PM , also we are waiting about the PR of the SC520 , another comment , customer has installed Optical Modem TC560 we should upgrade to TC560V2 according to the field notice , customer is going to use sentinel program as ABB`s customer uses to do,but we would have to change some hardware for AC450 , controllers were installed 1996 year , it is our concern when we upgrade the system Thanks for your support

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