Nodes not reachables in RNRP

800XA 6.0, rnrp utility find the node but it isn't in reachable nodes list in rnrp monitor. Both windows firewalls are off and ping working properly. Wath could be the problem?

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asked 1 year ago



RNRP should work with firewall ON if properly configured by System Configuration Console / Installation Task.

You can double check that "rnrpsvc" is exempted in Window Advanced Firewall control app.

Another frequently reoccuring issue is that Microsoft Windows have labelled the NIC as "Public" where firewall exemption might not be active. Proper label is "Work".

There are MS KBs and help on the Internet available on how to relabel a NIC. Use Google.

If the above can be ruled out, the network and switches are next thing to check.

As detailed in the System 800xA Network Configuration User's Guide, RNRP require free multicasting to work. Some switches, e.g. Cisco and Westermo have IGMP enabled in factory default. IGMP Snooping and IGMP Ageing must be disabled and setting stored persistently across reboots. On Cisco you must use the Cisco CLI or the proprietary Cisco Network Assistant to reach these IGMP settings as the built-in web management console offers a heavily reduced command set.

Stefan Stromqvist   

answered 1 year ago


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