Keeping same domain name,IP address and Node name in 5.0 sp2 (old) and 6.0(New servers)


We are planning to do online upgrade of 5.0 sp2 with obsolete servers with 6.0.3 ru3 with new servers with MSI.


Can we keep same node names,domain name and IP addresses & users in New servers as in old 5.0 sp2 system as customer want the same while performing network change over to keep data update in both systems (5.0 sp2 rev C and 6.0.3 Ru3).

(Will change the system name)

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asked 5 months ago



Same Domain ? - Yes. Follow the procedure for upgrading the domain controllers. Basically you add new Domain controllers and delete the old ones.

Same Users ? - Yes. Users are part of the domain.

Same Computers and IP Addresses ? - Simple answer, No. Complicated answer - Yes if you use a virtual environment and duplicate the domain onto two physically separate networks, simulate everything offline, test and then cutover by switching off the old system and domain before switching on the new one.

Simulating everything with live plant data from the controllers in the version 5.0 and version 6.0 systems at the same time ? - If you have AC800M be very careful. You could break something really badly by trying it. ESPECIALLY if you try to use the same node names and IP addresses. Do NOT do this on a live plant in production. You can however get data into both systems temporarily if the 5.0 and 6.0 systems are very similar.

If you have Advant MP200/AC400 series then yes you can connect two different 800xA systems at the same time ( and also Advant UNIX OS) as long as the MB300 node numbers are all unique.

IMO I'd recommend you virtualize everything in the V6 system, run multiple soft controllers to simulate the AC800M controllers and FAT test in an offline system for the customer. This is much safer. I'd also create a virtualized version of the 5.0 system and keep a domain controller and aspect controller running offline for a few weeks after plant startup.

Rob Lyon   

answered 5 months ago


By Harsha.D on 11/14/2017 | Like (0) | Report

As 5.0 sp2 servers are obsolete hence we are not proceeding by upgrading old same old servers to the new system by upgrading OS (as these not supporting).
Hence planned to set up new servers in parallel with the old system by configuring same Domain name, IP address and Node name & Users as well

By Harsha.D on 11/14/2017 | Like (0) | Report

Off Course will change the system name in 6.0

By Harsha.D on 11/14/2017 | Like (0) | Report

Is this possible to keep node names, IP address and domain name as in 5.0 in 6.0 during network change over

By Rob Lyon on 11/14/2017 | Like (0) | Report

No. You cannot connect two computers with the same IP address to the same network. Computer names are even more complicated. You cannot have 2 computers with the same name, even though the domain controller knows that they are two different systems.

This is why you need to set up a totally separate domain/network/system that you can run in parallel with the existing SV5. Doing this you can even keep the same system name.

The procedures given in the upgrade manual are a guide only. Nobody seriously should upgrade to a version 6 system on the same physical hardware. This is why IMO VMware and virtualization is absolutely the way to go.

BTW I'm between projects and have never been to India. Hint ;)

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The system name does not matter.

Its the system ID (a GUID) that bonds or rejects 800xA servers and clients. During online update, a backup of the old system is to be restored on the new-to-become primary aspect server. In step 16b on page 38 in System 800xA 5.0 SP2 to 6.0 Upgrade 2PAA111695-600 F it is very important to tick the "Generate new system ID" checkbox.

The new 6.0 system will then be set with a unique system ID which prevents it from connecting to the existing 5.0 system, even if they share the same network and the Node Administration structures in each of the systems point out nodes in the other. The "Connect node" and other functions (if used inappropriate) may still cause old to attempt to speak with new, or vice versa. However, no connections should be established if "Generate new system ID" was chosen during restore.

Carefully prepared & executed, online upgrade should be a possibility. New domain controllers will be added in parallel with the old, after which the old are demoted and removed from the domain.

Read the entire procedure thoroughly. Search ABB Library for updated documentation, product bulletins and product alerts that may affect the procedure. Read about known problems and learn how to use the available workarounds.

If possible (rather, this should be a *mandatory* item), perform a rehearsal off site. With the tools of today, any machine, old or new should be possible to convert into a virtual machine to allow for testing and proof of concept before performing any action in the live system.

Stefan Stromqvist   

answered 5 months ago


By Harsha.D on 11/18/2017 | Like (0) | Report

Hi here 9 systems connected to common network (combined client and control) and MSI for operation.
As part of upgrade we are keeping entire 5.0 servers as it's (instead of replacing red servers... primary AS last as per upgrade manual by installing new OS on same node).
Proposed upgrade plan: set up new 6.0 servers( for all 9 systems +MSI).
We are planned to keep the same IP,host names and domain names by changing new system ID for all systems by maintaining same service account username and password.
Shall this works pls suggest me

By Harsha.D on 11/18/2017 | Like (0) | Report

Ac800m + plc connect

By Harsha.D on 11/18/2017 | Like (0) | Report

Planning for online upgrade

By Stefan Stromqvist on 11/18/2017 | Like (0) | Report

Should work if made properly. Please make trial in VM - prove backup, restore and possibility to run on the new updated libraries of 800M, etc.

Remember: for cold retain and online capability between old and new system certain procedures must be adhered to, eg do NOT download after 5.0 backup was taken.

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