Build a Widget to place on Your Site

Expert List Widget

Adding this widget to your site lets you display a list of the best experts on Control Systems Application and Knowledge Store within your site or blog. You are also able to display top experts within specific categories if desired.

Adding a widget is easy, just follow the steps below to customize your widget and when you're finished, copy the code at the bottom of this page and paste it where you would like it to appear on your site. Currently, you may only add one expert widget to each page on your site.

Choose A Color Scheme

Pick colors to complement your own site design.

Header Text Color:
Background Color:
Body Link Color:
Footer Link Color:

Decide Which Content to Show

Experts Tag:
Custom Title (optional):
Custom subtitle (optional):

Choose how your widget will look

Number of Experts to Display:
Open Links:
Display a Title Bar:
Apply Widget Border:
Apply Margins:

Use this code on your website

Just click on the code below to select it, then copy and paste it into your webpage.


This is how your widget will display on your site. The preview below will update automatically as you customize your widget.


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