800xA version 4.1 Rollup 11b upgrade to SV6.0 / Advabuild for Master

800xA version 4.1 Rollup 11b upgrade to SV6.0 / Advabuild for Master
Upgrade 800xA for Master 4.1 Rev 11b to 6.0 and Control Builder

Good Morning , Please Could you support to us in some questions about

- Upgrade 800xA from version 4.1 Rollup 11b to Version 6.0

- Control Builder from Aplication Builder 2.6/0 1999 , FucntionChartBuilder 4.6/0 1999, OnlineBuilder 2.6/0 1999, Windows NT 4.00.1381 to Control Builder 1.4/1

- and it is possible the Master Software from AC450 1.1/2 , QC02-*7 ( please see the attachment) to AC450 2.3 QC7-04, from AC410 1.3/5 QC01-*9 and AC 410 1.4/1 QC01-*10 to AC410 1.5 QC01- 11 , please see the attachment

Regarding to Master Software upgrade , those controllers were installed around 1998 year and since that time customer has not done any upgrade to the Master Software and we have seen the SR documents SR007 , SR006 and there are some issues fixed , but to do that we would require to change some hardware like PM510V16 to PM511 , DSBC173A to DSBC176 and the kit to connect to DSBC , also customer has installed nowaday TC560 , TC561 modem according to the info we should replace by TC560V2 , TC561V2 , we would have single PM511 ( no redundant ) , Can we keep the old TC 560, TC561 or do we have to use the new ones TC560v2 , TC561v2?

Also SC520 should be PR:T , we could see one of the card installed nowaday, and PR:N but reading another document we could see

PR: N 4911014 -RVW, -RVX, -RVY, -RVZ SC520 PROM 1.1/8 3.8/1 960520

for PR:T information is as follow according to the document STATUS REPORT SR5024/5 , see attachment

PR:T 4911014 -SGK , -SGL, -SGM, -SGN SC520 PROM 1.1/12 4.2/2 971119

please see the attachment

Is it possible only to replace the old eproms ( PR:N ) by PR:T eproms and the card could be used for AC450 2.3 ?

Finally , the customer would have to spend some money in hardware but according to information control builder is backward compatible to 2.3 for AC450 and 1.5 for AC410 , just in case if the customer has not enough budget , could we upgrade keeping the master software at the current version , nowadays they are using standard objects from AC400 Connect , it is a Cement Plant and standard process , or because the controller has many years installed and according to the information from SRs we can see thera are many issues fixed and it is suggested for the system and for customer.

of course it should go to ABB but our investigation can be useful for take decision

What do you think about that ?

Thanks for your support

Best Regards



By Stefan Stromqvist on 9/10/2017 | Like (0) | Report

Please contact your regional ABB sales representative for assistance with the upgrade. After all, AKS is just an open Internet forum. The level of detail you ask for deserves a professional answer. /Stefan

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asked 5 months ago



Hi Ricardo,

About modems and SC520 you don't have to change nothing as this hardware is compatible with PM511. The only things you have to change as you pointed is S100 Connection Kit (DSBC176). Note that there is a kit for the frist rack, another for the middle ones and another for the last one.

About the Control Builder A, you can use the same without any problems but I recommend you to buy the last version (1.4) as you spending a lot of money with 800xa 6.03 (actually the last version) and the price for CBA doesn't impact on the project.

Now your major task for this project will be the sofware services, as you will have to migrate all the screens to PG2 because the 800xA 6.0 doesn't have VB6. For AC450 you doesn't have much to care, only some blocks on database. The comissioning is quite simple too if you are familiar with the installation procedures of AC450.

Finally I sugest you to virtualize the whole 800xa system for help on the project and future maintenace.


Best Regards,





answered 5 months ago


By RAMA2 on 9/11/2017 | Like (0) | Report

Hi Clayton, thanks for your response, we have an addtional comment and concern , According to SR006 document it is for upgrading to AC450 2.3 , it has a specific Note as follow :
Carrier Module SC520 must have product revsion PR:T or later
Modems for S100 IO optical link must be changed to TC560v2 and TC561v2
for this reason I wrote the specific questions , according to it , then should we keep the modem version and SC520 o change them and to get the PR:T eproms kit to replace the older PR:N , that we want to make sure to get all the hardware propely and to make sure that the upgrade is going to do properly ,

What do you think about that ?

Thanks for your support

Best Regards


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