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Good afternoon,

I'd to know if anyone has a good example or suggestion on how to do a text entry / note taking via a PG2 graphic element. Essentially what I would like to do is allow the operators / programmers to enter notes directly into a graphic that are either stored in their own aspect, or possibly tied to a General Property aspect.

I've used the Text Input object from the graphic primitives, but this isn't really intended for writing more than a few words. I'd like to re-create something similar to the look and feel of the Operator Note aspect, but without using the Operator Note.

I've tried using a couple of the ActiveX objects, but I haven't found one that works. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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asked 10 months ago



Create a "Windows Application" aspect

Windows Application = Notepad

Program Arguments = Path to Shared Text File

Rob Lyon   

answered 10 months ago


By SKahle89 on 6/14/2017 | Like (0) | Report


Thanks; I've considered the approach, but I was hoping to be able to do something more object oriented and self-configuring. I'd like to add this functionality to all my faceplate objects, which would require setting up a .TXT file for every single one, and then either manually linking them, or (if possible) passing a dynamic string based on the object name as an argument.

By jk47i on 6/15/2017 | Like (0) | Report

This was probably the intention of the operator note...although that aspect misses the mark unfortunately.

By backdraft on 6/16/2017 | Like (0) | Report

What is the reason to not use the Operator Note? ... just out of interest ...

By SKahle89 on 6/16/2017 | Like (0) | Report

Well I'm already using the Operator Note aspect for operator notes. I'd prefer that this functionality be in-faceplate, like you see below using the "PC_Op_String_Control." It would be even better if this graphical element could read/write to a general property, so you could use BDM to import/export data to and from the Aspect system. The only exposed property of Operator Note is a boolean that is set true when the contains some data. It's lacking in functionality for anything other than what it is.

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You can use the "PC_Op_String_control" (to find under "PC Graphical Subelements").

This is a subelement for faceplates, maybe a subcomponent of the Freelance system extension. We use this for the reason you describe in your comment to Rob Lyon.


answered 10 months ago


By SKahle89 on 6/16/2017 | Like (0) | Report

Wow, this is almost exactly what I'm looking for, but our installation of 800xA does not have the "PC Graphical Subelements" toolbox. Anyone know how I might go about obtaining it? Or at least finding out what primitives / ActiveX objects this element is based on?

By Ordoban on 6/16/2017 | Like (0) | Report

It is part of the "ABB PC Setup for Freelance 5.1-1" system extension, but its made from simple graphic primitives. I just saw this while investigating your request!
The central part is a ScrollableText from Graphic Primitives toolbox.

By SKahle89 on 6/17/2017 | Like (0) | Report

The Scrollable Text primitive is great for displaying long strings / notes, but it doesn't allow for data for "notepad-like" data entry. If you use an Input Field set to string, then you only get the tiny string entry window adjacent to the Input Field element.

By Ordoban on 6/17/2017 | Like (0) | Report

If you need a real text editor like notepad, I must disappoint you. ABB uses a "String Dew" for the data entry here. The dew allows to input long texts, but it doesn't support even the most simple kind of formatting like tab or newline.

Do you have some knowledge about webpage programming? If yes, one possible solution for you could be the "Web Page" aspect. This allows to use a external webpage and offer the aspect name as url parameter. Show http://www402.abbext.com/Funtion-block-part-web-page-aspe...
- "Web Page" aspect on object template, dynamic url
- webserver and external database
- webpage who offers display and edit of the text, read and write the text to the database

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