800xA Hmi with DeltaV Controllers

We are dealing with an opportunity that consist in migrating the HMI of a DeltaV system to 800xA. Does anyone have experience with a similar application?.

By MaheshDevaliya on 6/15/2017 | Like (1) | Report

Can You Explain in deep?

By jk47i on 6/15/2017 | Like (0) | Report

Not really without some details. Basically the PLC Connect connects via OPC to the application station like any other OPC connection. After that basically everything else is up to you to configure/create except for a few signal types.

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asked 11 months ago



In our case it is based on the PLC Connect product with custom composite objects. Each PLC Connect server of the redundant pair connects to a seperate application station (DeltaV product) with the required OPC licenses. I understand this is an ABB centered forum...but I would not recommend it unless the DeltaV portion of the site is a small component of the overall HMI system. It works well, but is quite a bit of work since you have to build everything. Now if it's just something like 200 points, thats not a big deal.

You just don't get the functionality you would with the DeltaV product. Similar to how an 800M controller would work with the DeltaV HMI.


answered 11 months ago


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